Level Tumbling classes are in a group setting and are structured to include conditioning, drills, skill learning and perfecting technique. Please know that we follow proper progression and will not permit athletes to participate in a class they are not ready for. Safety is key. Here is a description of some of the skills that athletes will work to achieve in each level:


Level 1: Cart wheels, round offs, back walkovers, front walkovers, proper technique, form and strength building. Drills and skills to prepare for level 2


Level 2: Back handsprings, connecting skills, front tumbling, drills and skills to perfect level 2 and prepare for level 3


Level 3: Round off tucks, round off handspring tucks, multiple standing handsprings, front tumbling and standing series


Level 4: Standing tucks, layouts, and specialty passes​


Level 5: Standing fulls, multiple standing series, progressions to fulls, fulls, specialties and doubles

Stunt Clinics also available.


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