Private Lessons are a great way to put in a little extra time learning and perfecting your tumbling skills. It gives athletes an opportunity to concentrate on individual specific skills. Privates are 45 minute long classes that are 1 on 1 with a specific coach of your choice. The times are flexible so you can choose which day, time and coach fits your schedule the best.

We will do our best to accommodate your request pending coach and gym availability.

Athletes will receive 30 minutes of instruction doing drills and working on their skills, followed by a 15 minute mandatory conditioning program. In an effort to allow back to back lessons, the conditioning portion of their class will not be fully supervised. While the coach will make sure the athlete is performing the conditioning properly, this will allow one athlete to be warming up while another athlete will be conditioning. Athletes are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their lesson to ensure they warm up prior to their lesson. Athletes should wear athletic clothing, indoor running or cheer shoes and to bring a bottle of water
Private classes – 45 minutes (1 coach: 1 athlete)
Semi-private classes – (1 coach: 2 athletes)
Stunt Group classes – (1 coach: 4 athletes)

Here at Carleton, we also strive to teach important life skills while encouraging and developing a love for our sport. Our athletes will learn how to effectively set, plan and achieve their goals. With our progress report, regardless of the beginning skill level, each athlete will have the opportunity to chart their progression as they work towards achieving success. Parents will also be able to encourage the journey of acquiring new skills and follow the development of each athlete as they gain strength, endurance, flexibility and power in their skills.